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In this game we wanted to take an objective look at the third person shooter genre and come up with a new unique ( :P ) approach to the combat system. The weapons we have come up with so far are listed below. It is easy to note that most of these weapons are designed for a puzzle based game, which is essentially what this game is becoming (more and more each day). However, it is my personal opinion and something I'll be pushing for is incorporating a very generic gun, so when the puzzle doesn't work out the player will still be able to manage albeit being harder. The resoning for this is that it will take out alot of the trial & error which most puzzle games fall victim too.

Another thing that we would like to see happen is a leveling system with the weapons, so if you consistently use the same weapon it gets better. This idea is about giving the players something to aim for on top of challenges and objectives we give them.

This info comes straight from our forums, posted by Josh.


Power Glove
Melee Weapon
First weapon Scarlet is given in the game.

Magnetic generator powers the power glove
Used to electrocute robots and stun them
Pull metallic item to scarlet and pick up, fire away that item
Jumpstart electrical equipment
Power Glove Use:
LMB Click to punch
LMB HOLD to build up energy LMB RELEASE unleash built up energy in mega punch
Optional: RMB pull metallic item closer and hold. RMB again fire metallic item away.

Scenario: Scarlet is confronted with a patrol bot stopping her from passing through. She uses her magnetic power to pull a piece of metallic junk to her then fires it off at the bot. Bot is unfazed by Scarlets attempt at stopping it. She then runs at the bot, charging up a punch and unleashes on the bot, paralysing him for a moment.

Scarlet runs past only to now be confronted with a large gate. The gates activation switch has been destroyed. She needs a way to power up the gate to open. Scarlet then punches the gate switch giving it the electric charge it needs to open and she passes through victorious.

Virus Pistol
Stealth Weapon
Second Weapon acquired by Scarlet
Pistol fires viruses at enemy
Gun may be upgraded with new viruses

Used to stun robots for a period of 5 secs – upload time 3 secs
~ ~ destroy robots friendly fire recognition – upload time 3 secs
~ ~ format robots mind and re programme it to aid Scarlet. – upload time 4 secs

Scarlet sneaks up on two un-suspecting flying robots patrolling an area. Around the corner a whole battalion wait to attack a resistance stronghold. Scarlet must get past the flying bots without alerting the battalion around the corner. She equips her virus taser gun and sets it to stun.

Piew Piew both droids are momentarily stunned. Scarlet makes a dash for it past the droids around the corner and hides behind a crate. Warily she takes aim at a droid in the very centre of the battalion and sets her taser to the anti friendly fire mode. She fires off a couple shots into the crowd of battle bots. Instantly the effected bots start firing wildly at the other robots. All bots retaliate at these infected bots but some bots accidently miss and hit their comrades. This causes them to fire back in retaliation. After a very confusing battle with them selves a whole battalion of bots lay in pieces as Scarlet skip’s across the court yard and beyond.

Pistol Use:LMB HOLD on target to upload virus

Polarisation Gun
Main environment manipulation gun
Polarizes metallic objects turning them into magnets.
Used to:Solve puzzles by using magnetic physics Defeat enemies by turning them into magnets
Gun Use:LMB to + PolarizeRMB to –

Scarlet is on the run from ninja bots, they are closing in on her fast. She runs down the corridor towards a window, she dives through it turning around in mid air and taking aim, fires her polarizer gun at the two bots. Positively charging one and negatively charging the other. Both bots immediately are magnetically drawn together and explode.Scarlet burst through the window of the adjacent window in the next building.

The room was quite odd. A massive void lay before Scarlet with metal plates at the bottom of the void. Scarlet + charges all of the plates, they leap up off the ground and hover at the level of where Scarlet is standing. The bottom of the void is a giant magnet + charged. The Metal plates are at a perfect equilibrium of gravity forcing the plates down and the opposing magnetic force pushing up. Scarlet stepped on the first metal plate and found it wavered under her weight but it held. She had confidence to continue leaping from one plate to another until she reached the other side of the void.

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