Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Character: Rouge

Relation to Player: Rouge is the main protagonist. As such she will be the character that the player will control as throughout the game.
Relevance in Name: Rouge is French for red which is the colour of the cape she wears, as she is a portrayal of a modern day Red Riding Hood character.

Gender: Female
Age: 14
Look: Short, and stubby with a bigger than average sized head. The rest of her body will be gowned in the signature red cape of the fictional character.
Apparel: A long red cape that shines with a brightest which seems unlikely within such a torn up world, the hood of this cape casts a shadow across her face showing only the murderous intent beaming from her eyes and her wickedly evil Cheshire grin. Under her cloak which dominates her features, was a pristine white shirt, now it’s tattered and stained like her deep blue pants.

Back Story
Rouge’s parents were amoungst the first to be captured by Professor Wulf’s army. She has spent the last three months scouring the war-torn city in a desperate attempt to find her family. In her journey she made friends with the resistance forces. There was one day that she was so frustrated with the hunt that she slipped, she tried to take on a patrol of robots – a few too many and when she killed one, another one took its place, and soon enough she was backed into a corner.

Nowhere to run she pulled her crimson hood over her head, casting a shadow over her features. The robots were drawing ever closer. As their clumsy metallic feet crawled over the rubble all the sounds of the world had been drowned out. Now within a meter, they reached out their cold iron hands. Her head was bowed, ready to give in; she was suffocating in her own despair. Closer they reached; she could feel the coolness of their arms grabbing at hers, wrapping their long fingers around her and dragging her off to an encampment. It was hopeless nothing could stop them now.

But something did stop them, it wasn’t a bullet, or explosion, or anything of the sort. No, it was a laugh – the laugh of this little girl surrounded by seven deadly robots. A laugh that cut through the air like a knife, the robots stopped out of curiosity, the closest one turned its head to side. “One one zero?”

The last numbers it said. The girls cloak flew open, revealing her power glove, and with one swift movement the robots head was in orbit. The robots started to react, but they were too slow. The girl was small and nimble, she leaped over the head of another robot, her arm outstretched she grabbed hold of its face and as she fell the wires holding it on began to break and electric sparks filled the air. Five left. She turned and quickly dispatched another with a swift punch to its middle. One robot turned and fired a grappling hook at her. She reacted. Dodging it by half an inch, she watched as it sailed past her eyes and into the eyes of another enemy. She grabbed hold of the rope, pulling it ferociously towards her - the rope came, along with a robot. Rouge roared back and with a mighty punch she turned this robot into a junk pile.

She turned again, looking for the last two, nowhere to be found. Cold arms swiftly wrapped around her, restricting her movements. Rouge had been caught. She struggled to get free, but to no avail. Once the robots were confident they had her secured they turned around and started to head towards the main road. The fight was over.

BANG! BANG! The two robots stopped, and did not move again. Rouge busted her way out of the arms of her captor and looked around.
“Up here” A voice called from above. She looked up, it was her friend Abubu. “Just on time,” he said.“Late as usual,” Rouge replied. It was then and there that Rouge decided that she had spent enough time on her own, and being alone will only lead in her demise.

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