Friday, April 3, 2009

Let the level design BEGIN!

Our original idea was to make the sanity/insanity of the player's character become a major feature of game play. However, this was deemed too much work for use to do during the lifetime of this project.... NUTS! Though, we have now discussed a way around this, and that's through the use of great level design.

Whilst the game is going to be quite linear (booo), we're going to make it quite vertical as well, where the players will have to climb buildings, both inside and out. To make this even more exciting we've created atmosphere levels, below the gas, the gas, and above the gas, each with a different environment. Below the gas will be very industrial and poluted, in the gas will be crazy (currently diliberating how crazy - possibly a theme park within the city), then finally there will be above the gas, which will be very natural - almost like a forest.

Diagram of this to be uploaded soon.

I'll keep endeavouring to get up to date with all the goss as we start heading towards our prototype.


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