Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Character: Captain Beast

Captain Beast
Relation to Player: Captain Beast is the leader of the small resistance force, it is upon his order that the player must infiltrate Professor Wulf’s hide out, and ultimately save the day.
Relevance in Name: This character is a representative of the Beast from ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ whilst the name isn’t as convoluted as the others it does have a certain amount of appeal.

Gender: Male
Age: 38
Look: Tall, large muscular body, very hairy, stern eyes, large chin.
Apparel: The Captain wears his deep blue army uniform, which he keeps in pristine condition, the front pocket is weighed down heavily with medals won, and both legs are tightly wrapped in plaster.

Back Story
Someone from Mr Beast’s family has fought in every war known to man, so when the evil professor begun this war he knew that his day of reckoning had finally arrived. It is said that during the first battle he carelessly threw himself into a regiment of two hundred robots while his platoon escaped, as the platoon drove off one of the men saw him fall under a pile of metallic soldiers. A week later, Mr Beast returned hobbling back to headquarters, bruised and bleeding he looked up at the sentry and said in his deep manly voice “What’s for dinner?” before he collapsed in a heap.

It took him three weeks to recover and be promoted to the rank of Captain. This feat of his was so great that they decided to hold a ceremony in his honour, this would be his undoing. After he graciously accepted his medal and walked off stage he tripped, breaking both of his legs. So he is doing what he can for the rebels from the comfort of the base, not his call – he is still dying to get out and unleash mayhem upon the robots.

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