Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Character: Geppetto

Relation to Player: Geppetto is a friendly, but blundering, engineer who always manages to get caught by the robots. It will be up to the player to free him from his mechanical captors, again and again, and again.
Relevance in Name: Geppetto while smart as an engineer is weak and brittle bodied, thus an appropriate character to represent him in the fairy tale world would be Geppetto who is Pinocchio’s grandfather in the early editions of the story.

Gender: Male
Age: 26
Look: A portly character whose backside is bigger than his head, and has small feet. His face is a collage of piggish features.
Apparel: On his face he has a pair of glasses which rest on the tip of his nose, while most of his body is covered in his lab coat, with the exception of his green and gold boxer shorts which can be seen from time to time.

Back Story
Geppetto once worked alongside Professor Wulf and is probably the reason his funding got revoked. As while Geppetto is a great engineer, he’s horrible at every other aspect of life. It was on the day the robots attacked that he decided that the best place to hide was in his fridge, the only drawback was that he got way too cold and started to dance to keep his temperature up – it was a good idea at the time. Little to say the robots were attracted to the noise coming from inside, and instead of opening it up, they just took the entire fridge back to their base. When Geppetto finally opened the door another door shut, and he going to get this door open on his own.

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