Tuesday, April 21, 2009

And we're back

There were no updates last week being that it was a class free week (or mid term break) and contact was very limited due to people going away and the likes. So today was the first time we have met since tuesday two weeks ago.

Here's a basic update of our progress:
Josh: Has worked on a very neat looking prototype level, although at the moment it's just using alot of half life 2 graphics, weapons, and effects. The level itself is quite fun to play, and will really be enjoyable once we have our own weapons, graphics and effects as well.

Ben: Ben is own weapons expert... No really. He's been working on how to implement weapons into the game, although having no luck with our polarisation gun - which we may have to ditch (In the event of this we may have to make it more action-y and less puzzle base).

Adam: He's been bogged down with other assignments so he's had little to time help us, although he's worked a bit on the tech. spec. document.

Amy: Amy has been working on implementing models.

Dave (That's me): I've been working on the game design doc, currently finishing off the character section. I do admit I got carried away a bit with the stories, but I think that they give everyone an idea about the characters themselves.

Well that's all for now, I'll post up a character in just a few minutes.

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