Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Target Market

Target Market
The audience that will be targeted by this product will be males, it should be noted that female game players are on the rise however, they are still the minority at this point and the game would be at a financial disadvantage if it were to aim at them, as we would not be capitalizing on the current market.

The average age of the focused demographic will be 15 – 40 years of age, who play computer games on a casual basis, somewhere between 2 and 7 hours a week. Research indicates that the average age of game players in the United States is getting older (it currently sits at 35). The game should be designed in a way to appeal to a broad age group, namely 15-40. By assuming that they are casual gamers the game can be tailored difficulty wise to suit the people within this grouping.

The audience will be capable of reading and spelling at a 5th grade standard. Unfortunately, this game is for entertainment purposes and therefore it won’t be suited, nor will it be promoted, to those who have any disability which may infringe upon their play experience.

This game will target the Australian market, and in particular those who are within the middle class. The Australian market is targeted because of its proximity and being that this is our first game release, we want to establish that the game is successful and marketable before off-shoring it to other countries. Other countries that could see deployment in the future include:

It is assumed they have a medium length attention span, and enjoy having their mind challenged and are expected to handle a medium amount of stress. Naming these properties about our audience again correlates to the challenges we will be able to design throughout the levels. It gives the designer a clear understanding of what is expected not only of the game, but of the audience as well.

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