Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Character: Professor Wulf

Professor Wulf
Relation to Player: The main antagonist, it is the objective of the game to subdue Professor Wulf and stop his evil scheme of polluting the world with crazy gas.
Relevance in Name: Like in the story of Red Riding Hood, the arch enemy is a wolf, only this time he’s a Wulf and not an actual wolf.

Gender: Male
Age: 43
Look: A very large robot, a third of the size of two story building that takes the rough form of wolf. On the top of his head he has a glass bowl where his brain is kept.
Apparel: None he’s a robot.

Back StoryIt all started when a professor, Moriarty Wulf, combined his hungering greed with obsession, he had been working on a way to create artificial intelligence for the army, but having no success. So much so, that the government was about to stop funding. Frustrated, he was pushed to the edge and in his madness he decided to do something unpredictable, instead of creating artificial intelligence, he used his own –putting his brain inside a machine. Although the operation was a success, the government halted their funding claiming that this professor was insane. Defeated, humiliated, the professor went into hiding, and that was the last anyone had seen of the Wulf.It wasn’t until ten years later, when professor wulf stepped out of the shadows, that the military could see the full realised potential of his ideas. As the Wulf was no longer alone, with him was an army of robots! And so the war began, it was an even fight for the most part but Wulf was more of a tactician than one to try brute force and poisoned the one thing humanity could not live without – air. Though it was a unique poison, one that didn’t kill people, instead it drove them mad.

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