Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Character: Abubu

Relation to Player: Abubu is Rouge’s friend – a friendship forged in the heat of battle, as such they are part of the same resistance group fighting against the evil Professor Wulf and his robotic minions. His role is to guide the player to the resistance headquarters.
Relevance in Name: Abubu’s character is based off the fictional character Aladdin, the name itself is the pseudo name Aladdin gives himself in Walt Disney’s version of the tale.

Gender: Male
Age: 18
Look: Tall and skinny, although some parts have bulges of muscle (i.e. arms and legs), a long oval face to match his body. His eyes are somewhat absent and mysterious, his hair is wild and rugged, and stubble covers his face.
Apparel: A rugged grey mantle covers his shoulders. His dark green shirt is ripped and torn flashing areas of damaged skin. While the remnants of his white pants sagged down and puffed out around his calves.

Back Story
Abubu lived in the poor part of the city, where he struggled to survive. It was one of the many areas targeted by the evil Professor for bombing raids. He remembers seeing the bomb falling outside his window the red and black stripes which ran around the front stained into his memory, and then he remembers the heat, after that it goes fuzzy. He remembers waking up, and pulling himself free from the rubble. A mother and child stood still and watched in silence as he tried to stand up, the child looked at him “Look a boo boo” he said pointing at the wounded figure as it collapsed upon the rubble.

That’s all he can remember, the next time he woke up he found himself within the resistance stronghold with his wounds fully bandaged and a nurse looking over him.
“Where am?”
“At the Skyland the resistance headquarters, what’s your name?”
“I think it’s Abubu, I can’t remember”

Ever since then Abubu has living the life of a survivor, helping the resistance in any way that he can.

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