Friday, May 8, 2009

A rather large update

Ok, so it's been a while since this blog has been updated and ALOT has happened within that time. So I'll list off the team members and what they've accomplished so far, starting with myself.

Dave: Has finished the buisness section of the design doc, and proof read the design doc so far.
Josh: Has completed the prototype level, and is now working on his sections of the design doc.
Ben: Is working on changing and completing the GUI.
Adam: Is currently working on the Technical Specifications document. Although in the time between updates he's had a rather large breakthrough with the weapons- he's made the Rebounder.
The Rebounder is a adaptation of secondary fire of the pulse rifle already found in HL2. As it stands now, it does little damage when the initial contact, however, if you bounce it off an object and then hit your target the damage it does is signifcantly increased. If this seems incredibly powerful to you, well, you're right, in testing it's capable of taking out six enemies in one shot! It does make for alot of fun however :D.
Amy: Has been working on getting player models within the game as well as some concept work, which I will be put up for display:


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